The Master and Margarita

8 July 2019, Mon. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

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Why should go to the play Master and Margarita?

1. See the classics live
2. Star cast
3. Incredible scenery

The novel “The Master and Margarita” can be treated differently: read avidly, thinking about the semantic load of individual episodes, or you can just consider it fiction.

In general, "The Master and Margarita" is not particularly willing to be staged. Not so easy - to bring a rather large piece into the framework of the performance. The task is complicated by the closely-subtle interweaving of plot lines, and indeed the novel itself is shrouded in a mystical halo. The main director of the theater in the “South-West” Valery Belyakovich was not afraid to stage (not a good novel) Mikhail Bulgakov. Unusually, original, brilliant. Such emotions overwhelmed the audience when a real mystical action was played on the stage. And indeed, the stage settings, a lot of dances, luxurious costumes, laser shows, the lighting artist's skill and brilliant acting played by the well-thought-out director Valery Belyakovich pushed the tight black together and did the impossible, as it seemed earlier: the most famous novel of Bulgakov finally came to life on stage. And the theatrical version, believe me, turned out to be no less impressive and magically charming than the original itself. With the help of the production and the play of the actors, the audience seemed to be transported to the old Moscow of the 1930s, with all its particular details, atmosphere, colors and even smell. Live play of actors, the magic sounds of music, literally attract and fascinate.

The solution to the problem of mysticism on the stage looks amazing (how to put Bulgakov movements in time, insights, reincarnations of the jester Behemoth into a cat on the theatrical stage and vice versa ?!). The action of the play takes place in a madhouse named after Lenin. Woland, witches, cats, Gaer, historical figures - all this is nonsense, fever, the fruit of the sick imagination of the proletarian poet Ivan Homeless. And the reality is the slogans of the bad poet, however, they are sung by the redhead half-naked Gell. In contrast to his schizophrenia, Ivan Bezdny exposes a poet’s certificate, which “is not given to anyone,” as is known.

And indeed, to play an honest and sincere love story, to experience it, to let all the pain and suffering through you, only the most experienced actors can do, actors who truly believe that love is actually stronger than death.

The play "The Master and Margarita" for 12 years. And he has long earned the reputation of the most popular play in the CIS countries and abroad, which has broken all known records of spectator demand and box office.

The Master and Margarita is a true masterpiece of the art of the theater of the twenty-first century.

Master: Vitaliy Krapiva
Margarita: Olga Sumskaya
Anna Korzh
Alexander Lyubchenko
Bogdan Chernyavsky
Pavel Vasilyev
Dmitry Bely
Alexey Avramenko

Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes including 1 intermission.

Performance genre: drama about love and betrayal
Director: Valery Belyakovich.
Author drama: Valery Belyakovich.
Musical arrangement: V. Belyakovich, D. Rachkovsky.

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