Matt Elliott / Kyiv

8 December 2019, Sun. 19:00
House of Ukrainian Radio recordings Kyiv, vulytsya Leonida Pervomaiskogo, 5-B
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from 3.33 EUR


Matt Elliott / Kyiv in Kyiv - photo #1 Matt Elliott  у Києві

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For the first time in Ukraine. Matt Elliott and his neuronal neofolk / slurry.

When Matthew was 16, he left formal education in order to (to pray for a stamp) to devote himself to music. Matt got to work at a music store and worked as a DJ in various Bristol clubs, which he had not even formally been allowed to enter through his age. The fact that then began with the capture of the drum and bass, twenty years later, resulted in a split into two parts of life. Divided between British Bristol and French Nancy. Divided between the iconic drama and bay project of The Third Eye Foundation and the naive neofolk, which Matt wrote and performed a solo. Divided between internal vulnerability and external expressiveness. Matt lives at least two lives at a time, and his music wins it.

As a solo musician, Matt has created 11 albums, each of which is even more demanding and denser than the previous one. We especially love his last decade with the albums "The Calm Before", "The Broken Man" and "Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart", but decide for you. And still we love the lyrics of Matt, who stings, like a lazy bee - slowly and leaving behind a dull delayed pain.

Matt will come to Ukraine with a selection of old high-quality material, as well as new songs from the upcoming album 'Farewell To All We Know' (release expected in 2020). And this is the first time that his European tour will be so far east. In Ukraine, Matt will play only three concerts:

● December 5 in Ivano-Frankivsk at the Puppet Theater
● December 7 in Odessa
● December 8, in Kiev, in the House of Sound Recording

The entire Ukrainian tour of Matt will be accompanied by @Ghostcitieskyiv as a solo project, also multi-tool, also dark and agile. Nikolai Lebed will improvise with saxophone and electronic sound in live time, as well as present some ready-made compositions.

Do not miss out and get your ticket, because all the concerts are deliberately planned in rather chamber locations. For interview questions and a press kit, contact us at [email protected]

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