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Maurizio Bignone "Inner Reflections" Piano Recital

4 December 2022, Sun. 17:00
from 8.46 EUR
from 8.46 EUR
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About event

Maurizio Bignone is an Italian pianist and composer covering different styles, from modern classics to minimalism, without neglecting experimentation, but always with a common thread that unites all his works, and this is a well-defined melodic line. His love for nature, its wonders and the sensations it evokes, is the basis of his music, a sonic dialogue that travels between reality and dreams.

With his music, Maurizio whispers to the souls of people and establishes a special harmony with them, creating a feeling of emotional and cathartic well-being. Maurizio is considered one of the most interesting artists of the new modern Italian scene, his work is actually performed in the most important theaters and concert halls of the world. 2022 is the year he will take his new project Inner Reflections around the world, an intimate conversation with the piano. A diary full of memories and experiences, a journey back, for memory and future desires.

Also, thoughts about life and human relationships, the sounds of nature and the aesthetic movements that distinguish it. But the diary does not consist only of musical notes... in fact, the notebook in which Maurizio wrote down his thoughts will be part of the concert. Maurizio during the performance will read his works, full of passions and feelings, and make the audience share his own emotions. The sound of the piano and the sound of his voice will alternate to describe his restless inner world, an intimate dialogue that is carried on in a whisper. Everything was written during 3 months of quarantine in Italy, while the air was still and time seemed to be suspended.