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Mazepa "Love-story"

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BLOCKHEAD. For three hundred years, this name has worried the world. Ukrainian hetman and philanthropist, poet and ardent lover, knight, builder of churches and universities, a man who went against the Moscow tsar. Who is he, the mysterious horseman, after whose death all his portraits were destroyed, his grave desecrated, his name anathema? Byron and Victor Hugo, Pushkin and Voltaire tried to answer this question.

The performance of the Theater of the Ukrainian Tradition "Dzerkalo" "Mazepa" Love-story" lifts the veil of the secret love of the great hetman and his young godmother Motra Kochubivna. The audience will plunge into those romantic times, where Love and betrayal crossed swords, where true love rules the world, and Faith and Honor are more precious than gold.

  • Production - Dmytro Storchous
  • Scenography - Mykola Kostyushko
  • Choreography – Nazar Latysh
  • Women's costumes and images - Kateryna Potlova
  • The artistic director of the theater is Volodymyr Petranyuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine
  • Roles and actors:
  • Passer-by - Arlen Yusupov
  • The fortune teller is Olga Onopryuk
  • Ivan Mazepa - Volodymyr Petranyuk
  • Motrya Kochubey - Anna Kovalenko
  • Kochubey – Viktor Werner, Dmytro Storchous
  • Kochubeikha – Yulia Lagur-Damberg, Oksana Krasnobayeva

The servant of the Kochubey family, Melashka

The duration of the action is 135 minutes, with an intermission of 15 minutes.

Other dates

Mazepa "Love-story"

28 June 2024 18:00

Theater "Suzirya", Kyiv

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from 300 ₴