Media musical JAZZY

12 September 2020, Sat. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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from 2.67 EUR
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About event

The new media musical JAZZYCHNIK (Dzhazychnik) - do not miss the premiere on September 12 in the October Palace, Kiev.

Why is it worth going to the media musical JAZZYCHNIK?

  1. Imbued with an incredible fantastic story.
  2. Hear dozens of world jazz hits in one evening.
  3. Do not miss the premiere of a unique creative project.


The musical media has a unique fantastic plot. Its main character, Jazzychnik (Jazychnik), is a time traveler who first finds himself in the 21st century. This semi-mythical character has witnessed many different eras, including the period of Kievan Rus. However, what he certainly didn’t meet in his own way was jazz.

This incredible music is opened to him by the girl Dzyga. Jazz becomes for them a universal language of communication - they express their feelings with the help of zongs (ballads), using thousands of languages of the world from different eras.

Dzyga introduces him to the new world, the world of jazz, and arranges enchanting music with the participation of his friends - the orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand". The live jazz hits will be performed on this show.

Performance of the New Enlightenment Age of Enlightenment

The authors created this fascinating story with the desire to convey to their viewers the following idea:

“This project arose as a kind of creative response of the authors to the many challenges of the 21st century, which was not easy for everyone. The past few decades have clearly shown many of the problems of mankind - the loss of their national identity by new generations, spiritual and spiritual impoverishment, a decline in cultural potential, and a conscious choice of purely material life priorities.

But for History, this is not news. That is why, at such times, those are activated for whom the service of the common good has always been the norm of life. It was at such times that a high word and a vivid image, exquisite melody and harmony raised bridges over dark times, brought people back to high, to light. ”

The creators of the musical believe that we live on the threshold of the New Era of Enlightenment, so the task of the project is not only artistic and cultural, but also social.

Using the musical format, the authors want to convey to their contemporaries the unchanging beauty of the art of the past, namely, eternal jazz hits that simply need to be heard and felt today.

Music has been and remains a universal language, a communication code that unites millions of people separated by borders. And tonight we will immerse ourselves in the beauty of this language and hear its most beautiful works.

Everything will be JAZZ!

The team of the creators of the project JAZZYCHNIK:

  • Mick Brovchenko - poetry, script;
  • Alex Fokin - music, arrangement;
  • Alex Fokin RadioBand - musical accompaniment;
  • Sergey Tyagnyryadno - Dzhazychnik;
  • Natalya Papazoglu - Dzyga.

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Look for more information about the musical on the project website.