Bear and offer

26 December 2018, Wed. 19:00
Theater Actor Kiev, Big Zhytomyr 40
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from 3.03 EUR
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About event

The play "The Bear and the Offer", first of all, about love. Comic, clumsy, meaningless, but no less bright and sincere.

The performance was based on two small plays-jokes of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov “The Bear” and “The Offer”. How many times these works were played on large and small scenes - not to count, but the number of new productions is inexorably growing. A mix of copyright humor, music, dance, wonderful reincarnations, love fever - this is what awaits in the new interpretation of classical texts.

The actors are involved in the performance: People's Artist of Ukraine Alexey Vertinsky, Christina Sinelnik, Vladimir Brodsky, Victoria Bilan, Vladimir Rashchuk, Peter Rusanenko.