4 May 2019, Sat. 22:00
from 3.03 EUR
from 3.03 EUR


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May 4, Karpatsky prostir Festival will not stop even at night. A powerful wave of dance music will cover the whole city!

MR.Sunny - for more than 10 years has kept the status of top Ukrainian DJ. The resident of KISS FM Ukraine, MR.Sunny, has become part of the history of the largest festivals in Ukraine and Europe, such as Global Gathering Ukraine, Kazantip, LiveEnergy, GEM Fest, White Nights, Polyana, KISS FM 15. Classic House and the up-to-date Tech-House - is a favorite musical synthesis of genres in MR sets. Sunny This is a dance catalyst that will allow dancing both for musical aesthetes and for loose clappers.

Gooch Brown - a well-known character in the club industry, one of the most popular DJs in Western Ukraine! And also abroad (Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland).

MICIK GONIBEZ - an artist with more than 20 years of experience in the club industry of Ukraine. Resident and co-founder of the Gonivo Records Ukrainian-language dance music label. He is a co-author of popular remixes and author's projects on contemporary Ukrainian-language hits, which are heard on radio stations of Ukraine and not only. Resident station DJ FM. Together with DJ IPUNKZ twice nominated for the title of "Hitmaker of the Year" on the KISS FM radio station. Author of a series of parties "Ukrotek". And also the radio show "Ukrotek", which is played on Ukie radio (New York) and URC radio (Chiśago).

IPUNKZ is a dj, remix-maker and music producer. DJ in the band PATSYKI Z FRANEKA and Haydamaky. Sound producer Kira Mazur and her project K.ODA. Leading on DJFM radio. Co-founder of the label "Gonivo Records". Resident of the Belgian label "LZR TRP". Beatport repeatedly included iPunkz in the list of TOP100 Tracks and TOP100 Releases of various genres.

DJ VALENTINE is the winner of the KISS FM Talent Competition in Berlin. Played in more than 100 different clubs in Western Ukraine. The founder and resident of the R'n'B FRIDAY project, popular in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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