Mega forum for women

9 December 2018, Sun. 13:00
Renessans Odessa, Lustdorf Road, 172/1
from 16.33 EUR
from 16.33 EUR


About event

Why go to the Mega Forum for Women?

1. Find out where your money is missing.
2. Learn that for a man the main thing in a woman.
3. Learn the 3 main rules of nutrition.

December 9 in Odessa will host a forum where everyone can get answers to the most pressing issues.

Woman through the eyes of men:

- Why does a man live with one woman and sleep with another
- 3 types of women from whom men leave
- Women's flaws, which sooner or later end in betrayal or divorce

Three accelerators of financial growth:

- Activate your money potential
- Turn on the 3-fold acceleration of growth
- Do, save and increase money
- Spread your financial wings

The art of proper nutrition:

- What can cause a lack of water in the body
- How to properly observe the diet
- Features of the food pyramid
- How to eat fats
- Major nutrition disorders

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