2 September 2020, Wed. 19:00
Theater Actor Kyiv, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street 40
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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Event rescheduled for 02.09. For more information, please contact the theater by phone number +38 068 940 49 70.

“Your face is the road map of the Netherlands!”

“Your face is the road map of the Netherlands!”

- And on your face the skin is so stretched that it resembles a mask from an ancient Greek comedy. And your mouth is like a dead beaver. And if the stitches behind the ears burst, then the nose will fly and kill someone.

Do you think this is a dialogue between two old concierges? Maybe a quarrel in the market? Or did some two prostitutes quarrel among themselves? No, this is a conversation between the two stellar peaks of Hollywood of the 60s, two legendary actresses by the name of Ruth and Mildred, who decided to regain the love of fans, having starred in a horror movie. Want to know which one of them will win the match? Dive headlong into the atmosphere of harsh backstage everyday life?

We will arrange it for you. In "Megers" based on the play "Gorgons" by Don Nigro, eternal rivals will fight not for life, but for death. With one amendment: the feminitive is inappropriate here, because in our theater their roles will be played by men ...

Starring: Alexey Vertinsky, Artem Yemtsov.