27 October 2018, Sat. 19:00
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from 8.79 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to a concert of the band "Mill"?

1. Mill - the ideal amount of drive, pleasure, lyricism, as well as a chamber and a unity with the audience.
2. Stunning harmony and elegance of what is happening.
3. The magic of images, the beauty of the voice and the skill of playing each of the participants.

October 27, the group "Mill" will present a new concert program "Alhimeyra. The best"

This is the final chord of history, in which the group "Mill" has lived without small over the past five years. The new show will focus all the best from the world of the universe "Alhimeyra." In the program "Alhimeyra. Best "included the songs most beloved by the listeners and the most famous hits of the band.

"With this program the group closes another large-scale page of its history and opens a new one - preparation for the anniversary. The audience is waiting for a carefully verified musical drama, a powerful sound, a fantastic light, and most importantly - the constant love with which we give our creativity and which we share with the fans without a trace, "says Helavisa.

"Mill" - Russian folk-rock band from Moscow, plays acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Instruments: Irish harp, flute and other wind instruments, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar.

The musical direction in which the band works is usually attributed to folk-rock, but among the creative orientations of musicians are always: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2 and others.

In her songs, the main author of the group, Natalia O'Shea, a linguist by education, relies on a wide range of images of all Indo-European mythology and the tradition of classical Russian poetry.

Come October 27 to the concert "Mills" to enjoy a harmonious sound and feel the lyrics of the songs!