3 November 2019, Sun. 19:00
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from 6.33 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Metallica Tribute Show?

1. Metallica itself no longer plays concerts with a symphony orchestra.
2. Metallica Symphonic Tribute is loved and in demand throughout Europe.
3. At the concert you will sing Nothing Else Matters with one voice with a crowd of thousands.

METALLICA with a symphony orchestra. Tribute Show.

What is Metallica? The group we grew up with. This is not music for one season, having heard the melody of which, years later, with a smile we recall the days past. The music of Metallica is something more that accompanies us throughout life, and it does not matter whether we grow up, grow up, experience difficulties or go on a well-deserved rest. The theme of the group’s songs does not become obsolete and does not go out of fashion, and the collective itself is becoming increasingly successful, gathering at concerts concerts of fans of all age categories, from small to large.

Metallica Symphonic Tribute is an international project. How did this happen?

11 years ago, Screram Inc., a team consisting of students - fans of Metallica, began its activities. From the very beginning, the fidelity of parts and sound quality for the guys were the most important characteristics in the performance of songs of your favorite group. Suddenly, clubs started inviting Scream Inc. one by one. to cooperation, which soon became the impetus for concert activity far beyond the borders of the Motherland.

In 2015, preparations began for the symphonic Metallica Tribute Show under the guidance of experienced concert promoters. The group began touring with a symphony orchestra, continuing to develop the original program. However, the project has reached its peak position only now, after the start of cooperation with European producers who helped to hone the show so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a ticket for it in Europe a week before the concert.

Become a part of this historic event!