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Metallica with a symphony orchestra tribute show

10 November 2024, Sun. 18:00-20:00
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from 350 ₴
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About event

Metallica's best hits with a symphony orchestra performed by Ukrainian rock stars!

This concert is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the powerful atmosphere of the cult band Metallica combined with the multifaceted sound of a symphony orchestra.

Why should you attend this concert?

    1. Hear live Metallica's greatest hits combined with a massive symphony orchestra
    2. Feel the euphoria of unity with a full hall of like-minded people, singing the chorus of Nothing Else Matters
    3. Be filled with the energy and drive of powerful rock, and at the same time become a part of exquisite symphonic art

The composition of the project guarantees unforgettable emotions:

Vocal: finalist and winner of numerous vocal shows - Ihor Petrov

Drums: the author of the legendary rock adaptation of the song "Toxic" - Volodymyr Akhremenko

Rhythm guitar: the frontman of the FONTALIZA band, chosen by Okean Elsa to warm up the stadium show - Pavlo Kholoshev

Solo guitar: not only the leader of one of the most famous Iron Maiden tribute bands, but also the man who shared the stage with the original members of Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Guano Apes - Serhiy Nifatov

Bass guitar: the author and ambassador of Jazzcaster, the Ukrainian world-famous Woodstock guitar brand - Bohdan Sorokin

Presenting the magic of the symphony is an orchestra specially selected for this program to meet all the extremely high technical standards of Metallica's music. In this unusual evening, you will have more than one and a half hours, during which you will have time to forget about everything that is outside the concert hall, fully surrender to the energy of Metallica's music and witness truly sincere emotions that will create a range of memories. After the performance, you will be able to discuss with your loved ones every note, every stroke of the drumstick, every stroke of the strings. What will happen at this epic show will be the topic of warm conversations and memories of exciting stories from life accompanied by Metallica music.

Remember, the number of tickets is limited, and while you are hesitating and procrastinating, the best seats are already sold out!