27 September 2019, Fri. 19:00
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from 10.00 EUR
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Metel in Kyiv - photo #1 Метель у Києві

About event

Why should go to the concert of the band Metel?

1. Metel - the most discontinuous project in the history of the modern Ukrainian punk scene.
2. The group's concert is the only chance to throw out the maximum energy at 100% and get a powerful response.
3. Ian Block and his team will definitely make a couple of cool surprises for the fans: you can't miss that.

This is Metel!
A band of handsome men returns home Mother, to Kiev, to show the new incredible punk show! September 27, Monterey Club.

About them write Afisha and MTV. They are listened to by your neighbor and even a former classmate. They will not put on the TV, but will definitely show on YouTube.
The snowstorm is a symbiosis of the works of each of the team members, the lyrics of Jan Blok, the old school and the eternal inner rebellion.

“They broke into our culture to rid young people of illusions about a beautiful and carefree online reality, because their life happens on balconies and between garages. They are against stupidity, bluffs and dictatorships, and the rules and fashion trends are just boring for them ”- bit.ua

“Metel has the classic canon of a punk hero. Marginal, homeless, declassed. ”- mtv.ru