Mikhail Zhvanetsky

7 November 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 21.63 EUR
from 21.63 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a performance by Mikhail Zhvanetsky?

1. Mikhail Zhvanetsky is a living classic.
2. Enjoy Odessa humor firsthand.
3. To attend the presentation of the new word virtuoso program.

In the Museum of Musical Comedy on November 7, the famous writer, a brilliant master of words and will simply Odessa from capital letter Mikhail Zhvanetsky will present his new program!

Mikhail Zhvanetsky does not need to be represented. He is a classic of humor and satire. A writer, performer of his literary works, television presenter, screenwriter, actor ... A talented person is talented in everything - an absolute phrase about him.

He was supposed to work as a mechanical engineer for port handling equipment. And even for a while was him. But fate decreed otherwise, to the joy of millions, whom Mikhail Zhvanetsky never tires of making laughs to tears.

A landmark acquaintance in 1963 with Arkady Raikin turned his whole life upside down. And now, after 5 years, viewers heard the first miniatures of the satirist - "Avas", "Age of Technology", "Deficit". According to Raikin, in Zhvanetsky he was subdued by the literary gift, the paradox and acuteness of his perception of life, his ability to capture the fantastic nature of reality, his ability to convey a variety of colloquial speech in text. These same qualities have been admiring many fans of the comedian’s creativity for many years.

This year, the true satirical intellectual turned 84 years old. But he continues to delight us with his new works. So don’t miss out!