Mission: Unusual Rachmaninov

23 June 2019, Sun. 17:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
from 3.27 EUR
from 3.27 EUR

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Sergey Rakhmaninov! .. You say this name - and at that very moment a squall of emotions is brewing in your soul, and several melodies sound in your head at once. This applies to both sophisticated listeners - regulars of concert halls and philharmonic societies, as well as people who mostly listen to completely different music. But through soundtracks to Hollywood films, or by coincidence, Rachmaninov’s music “catches up” with them and instantly “catches the ear”, after which it remains in human perception as a kind of “collective unconscious” - even without mentioning its author.

The rhapsody on the theme of Paganini, the first chords of the second piano concerto, the ornate theme of the third, the preludes, etudes-pictures - all these ingenious works have their own image - both established over the decades and emerging every time you listen again ...

But there are works by Rachmaninov, which do not sound everywhere near his bright name, and are not at all the ultimate manifestations of the composer’s “style seal”. Moreover, they are little known and rarely performed, but still they are the essence of his creation, why Rakhmaninov himself is in them! ..

The extraordinary Rachmaninov ...

These works include two of his quartets, which were written by him at a relatively young age and are considered unfinished (two-part), but this is only a form, and not adhering to the constructive moments of the form in this case cannot deprive the beauty of the music itself.

Also unusual in this program Rachmaninov will appear against the background of his famous romances in an unknown treatment: the voices of the vocalists will begin to sound against the background of a trio of violin, cello and piano.

And as if a reward for the “collective search for truth in the unknown” between listeners and performers, the Elegiac Trio and Vocalise familiar to the mind and heart will sound. And the last, of course, in the "extraordinary" processing! ..

Dive with us into the world of Sergey Rachmaninov - known and unknown, familiar and unknown. But this world is always extraordinary, because He is in the center of it. UNUSUAL RACHMANINS! ..

Concert programs:

String Quartet No. 1 in G Minor (1889)
String quartet number 2 in C minor (1896)
Performed - laureates of international competitions Maria Mogilevskaya (violin), Alexander Dmitriev (violin), Stas Sagdeev (viola), Alexander Lysyuk (cello).
Romances for voice with violin, cello and piano
Arranged by D. Rogal-Levitsky Performed by laureates of international competitions Alina Drugak (soprano), Bogdan Panchenko (baritone), Anastasia Marushko (grand piano), Maria Mogilevskaya (violin), Konstantin Tomnitsky (cello).
Elegical Trio
Performed - laureates of international competitions Anastasia Marushko (grand piano), Maria Mogilevskaya (violin), Konstantin Tomnitsky (cello).
Vocalise in processing for violin, cello and piano
Performed - laureates of international competitions Anastasia Marushko (grand piano), Maria Mogilevskaya (violin), Konstantin Tomnitsky (cello). Will tell and conducts in the nooks of the composer's personality the lecturer and musicologist Julia Yurchak

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