Mister X

13 June 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

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Mister X.

Paris ... The high society audience is intrigued by the appearance of a new circus star. This is a stately, charismatic, incredibly talented, and most importantly - a mysterious artist, acting under the pseudonym "Mr. X". The director of the circus, with great pleasure, advertises the “zest” of the program and informs the society about intriguing information from the artist’s life: “Some woman played a fatal role in the life of this man.” Mr. X never ever appears without a mask. The audience is delighted, tickets are sold out!

The secret draws the attention of the young rich widow Theodora Verdier, who has repeatedly rejected the offers of the hand and heart of the noble baron. Holding a grudge against Verdier and learning about her sympathy for the mysterious artist, Baron conceives a sly and vile intrigue to take revenge. Will he succeed in this and will the Parisian public find out, who is Mr. X?

Do not miss the chance to witness a mysterious, beautiful, romantic and exciting story. Operetta artists will turn into real circus acrobats and equilibrists before your very eyes. They will easily and gracefully rise without insurance to a height of 5 meters, perform complex tricks, while virtuoso playing roles and singing to Imre Kalman’s amazing music, permeated with vivid emotions, full of feelings and images.

"Mr. X" is the pinnacle of the ideal of a refined classical operetta, the standard for most musical theaters in the world.

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