Music of heavenly spheres. Mystery of sound

21 October 2018, Sun. 19:30
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from 6.92 EUR
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Why go to the concert under the stars of the "Mystery of the Sound"?

1. There is a mix of archaic and contemporary musical instruments
2. Return to the origins of creating the world with music
3. "Starry sky" of the Kiev planetarium

The "Mystery of Sound" is a living combination of archaic and contemporary musical instruments, bells, and spirit melodic traditions of mankind. The Voice of Beauty will create:

- Tibetan singing bowls
- white - ancient flat bells
- Hang - space instrument of the present
- Armenian Duduk - "soul of apricot tree"
- Indian flute - bansuri
- Indian Flute of Love - Pimak
- Persian to her
- Altai waggon

First was Sound. Then the sounds of primary vibrations and harmonics are united in the Music of Heavenly Spheres, the music of Lighting ... We can experience these feelings with you in our "Mysteries". With music, we will return to the very sources, the origins of creation. At this concert there will be only live music that gives peace of mind, a feeling of lightness and harmonious filling.

For all the holidays, around the world, the Bells sound, bringing the blessing and healing of the Soul to people. This bell is poured out and now, proclaiming the Joy of Genesis. Also, the singing of flutes from ancient times in every people on Earth, gave birth to Love, flowing in the language of Love from Heart to Heart. And the combination of Love with Mastery of Execution is the high Art to which every Soul aspires: to the feeling of boundless freedom and ease of flight in the interstellar space ...

The blessings of the dawn will be near us ... under the dome of the Planetarium. Stretch your hand ... At the level of spiritual perception, you can observe how the sounds that appear from the outside, in space, manifest themselves internally - this is the "Mystery of Sound" - that which gives the body, heart and soul the Healing Power, filled with the Space Symphony of Love, Harmony and the beauty.

Entrance to the Star Hall after the start of the concert is prohibited.

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Music of heavenly spheres. Mystery of sound

07 October 2018 19:30

,  Kyiv

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