The City of My Childhood

21 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
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Someone argues that Odessa is not a city, but Paradise. Others say that Odessa is a real and fascinating oasis in the wilderness of the Cosmos. And what about the people of Odessa? And they just live here. And, of course, they smile when they hear another little bass about themselves ...

And how they live, how they live, what air they breathe? About this, strictly speaking, and the play that once created three talented and young then Odessa - George Golubenko, Leonid Sushchenko and Valery Hayit. And they called it "Old Houses". And put on her representation, where the main role was performed by the legendary Mikhail Vodyanoy. What to say, I remember many!

And so fond that in a few decades already in our theater Igor Ravitsky put this performance on, and he sounded under the new name "The City of My Childhood" - in a new way, but retaining the same unrivaled Odessa heat that our Black Sea pearl .

Therefore, Odessa residents of Odessa will recreate on the stage our beloved and native Odessa. Agree, it's worth watching and listening