26 February 2019, Tue. 19:00
Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Odessa, Panteleimonivs'ka St, 3
from 7.58 EUR
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from 7.58 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the play "Baby for rent"?

1. The constellation of bright actors is the key to a wonderful evening.
2. Intriguing title and eccentric characters – another reason to visit the performance.
3. The performance will charge you with positivity and cause a lot of laughter.

On February 26th at the Theater of Musical Comedy – the eccentric comedy “Baby for Rent”. Hurry up to catch the waves of sincere unbridled laughter!

The enchanting comedy will remind you what serious consequences sometimes cause a small lie. The hapless heroine will remind everyone about this, playing with the feelings of her husband, trying to cause his jealousy. And now – there is a fictional dinner with a secret admirer, and also a lot of problems, the end of which is not visible...

After thinking it over, the heroine understands: she needs to save the family somehow. And suddenly having a baby seems like a reasonable decision. But there is no pregnancy, and the husband will return home after a long absence soon. Here it becomes clear: a child for rent is the only way to get away with it.

The performance will make you laugh a lot. And the American style music of the 50s will plunge you into an amazing atmosphere.

The roles are performed by: Sergey Drobotenko, Natalya Khorokhorina, Mikhail Polosukhin, Karina Mishulina, Anton Bogatyrev, Daria Goncharova.

We are waiting for you!