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Mozartiana Kyiv Chamber Orchestra

25 April 2019, Thu. 19:00
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About event

The Kyiv Chamber Orchestra will present the program "MOCARTANA" in the Kirkhaya Hall of St. Catherine. Musical classical masterpieces in magnificent performance and the special aura of the concert hall - the main components of an unforgettable evening

The unique opportunity for the first time in Ukraine is to hear an unusual sound of the world classical masterpiece in the version for strings, made in 1840 by the Czech musician Peter Lichtental. After his death, Mozart was not forgotten. Many musicians contributed to the distribution of his music. One of them was Peter Lichtental, a profession doctor, who was a passionate amateur musician. He has earned the reputation of a competent composer and musicologist.

A great supporter of Mozart's music, Lichtental translated several of his works for the string ensemble, among which was the Requiem. This may seem strange, but, in fact, quite within the traditions of that time, because thanks to this arrangement, significant works of symphonic music immediately became available to amateurs in musical salons.

It's striking that in the quartet version, which actually reproduces no more than the "skeleton" of music, its emotional power is maintained in full measure. It does honor the Lichtental, and, perhaps, once again proves that the Requiem is much more Mozart than it is possible to objectively establish. The greatness of his music is manifested in the sound, which version would not be executed. Peter Lichtental so formulated it at the opening of the monument to Mozart in Salzburg in 1842: "History knows only one universal musical genius, and this genius is Mozart!"

You will be able to feel all the power of ingenious music thanks to the initiative of the author of the project, famous violinist Vadim Borisov, who will be the leader of the Kyiv Chamber Orchestra this evening.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
KV 626
version for Peter Lichtental's strings (1780 - 1853)
Dies in Irae
Room Mirum
Rex Tremendae Majestatis
A conduit
Domine Jesu
Agnus Dei