1 December 2018, Sat. 22:00
Secret place Kyiv, Secret place
from 19.70 EUR
from 19.70 EUR
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Modeselektor in Kyiv - photo #1 Modeselektor у Києві
Modeselektor in Kyiv - photo #2 Modeselektor у Києві афіша
Modeselektor in Kyiv - photo #3 Modeselektor у Києві квитки

About event

Why should I go to the Modeselektor party?

1. Modeselektor - beloved blows frontman Radiohead Tom York.
2. To hear a live unique combination of glitch, electro and hip hop.
3. Pump every cell of your body with quality music.

Physicists would call this refraction. Promin 'is a ray of light that appears on the border of two environments and passes through them. So there is a refraction - a magical property of light. The first environment is electronic music. The second is media art. Promin 'is the connection between them. And refraction is a living emotion that arises at the very moment when sound and light, a melody - an image form a unique synergy, something completely new.

The Promin 'party series from Smailov and H2D is back!

After an impressive performance from Telefon Tel-Aviv and Apparat's performance on the Art Platform in June of this year, the Promin 'team carries Sasha Ring's closest associates - the German duo Modeselektor. Supergroup Moderat in a creative vacation, which means it's time to return to the roots! Modeselektor has always been famous for his crazy DJ sets. And yes, they missed it!

Herno and Sebastian are two old comrades who have been creating music since the early 90's. They found the cultural boom of Berlin caused by the fall of the Berlin Wall and forever absorbed the spirit of freedom that their music breathes. From the first album "Hello Mom!" (2005) on the BPitch Control label and up to today - Modeselektor always puzzled music critics, forcing them to invent new styles and terms. Their own albums, podcasts, compilations and even the releases of their influential label Monkeytown Records are united by a common philosophy, which Modeselektor themselves call "Boundary Breaking". Breaking the boundaries, they create something fundamentally new. Load techno, hardcore, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, IDM, synth-wave into the melting pot and get a unique sound - bold, revolutionary, powerful.

As part of the second party, Promin 'Modeselektor will appear in its best format: a back-to-back DJ set from Gerno and Sebastian.

December 1st. Secret Place.