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Natalia Mogilevska. I'm home

21 March 2024, Thu. 19:00-21:00
Narodny Dim Chervonograd, Prospect Shevchenka, 15
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About event

This is probably one of the most emotional and moving concert programs of Natalia Mogilevska. For several months now, she has been presenting a new show called "I'm at Home". In its essence, this is a one-man play, in which all the tears of Ukrainians, all their emotions are collected in poems and songs.

"I'm at home" is a drama project, a reflex to the war, a place where every viewer can let go of their emotions, give an opportunity to push them away from themselves and leave only light and good, hope and faith in Victory.

In this evening, you will feel all the atmosphere of the poems of the incredible Yuri Rybchinsky, which will remain in your mind forever. There will also be a song dedicated to Natalia's uncle from Mariupol, who was killed by the Russians...

The singer and actress Nataliya Mogilevska herself joined the ranks of volunteers from the first days of the invasion, because, in her opinion, people's artists should always be with the people. Therefore, she meets the wounded, helps people who have become victims of war and does everything in her power. Only creativity can save and prevent you from going crazy. This is how the play "I'm at home" was born.