My homemade wild fox

12 July 2019, Fri. 11:00
New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Kyiv, vulytsya Mykhaylivsʹka, 24zh
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

Why go to the play "My homemade wild fox"?

1. A touching story that inspires.
2. Protect nature needs to learn from childhood.
3. Become part of the rescue team.

How nice to have a pet, which is always there and makes life more fun. Someone has a fluffy fat cat or a tender, cheerful dog, or maybe you have no idea how they used to live without a cute guinea pig or a colorful talking parrot.

The main character of the production is the girl Sonya. She also loves pet animals, but she would never have thought that a real wild fox would once live in her house. Yes, yes, you heard right! A wild fox named Mark ran away from his native forest, because he was in terrible danger.

Sonya decides to help Mark. And together they begin to assemble a team that wants to protect trees from deforestation, nature from piles of garbage, animals from death. We invite your children to join this team of lifeguards! To save our planet, we need everyone’s help.

The play "My homemade wild fox" is in Ukrainian.
Recommended for children from 4 to 10 years.
Please note that each viewer must have a separate ticket.

So, we are waiting for you at this inspiring and educational performance. Time to save the Earth!

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