9 December 2018, Sun. 16:00
Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Odessa, Panteleimonivs'ka St, 3
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from 0.91 EUR

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Rock Opera in 2 acts

Libretto and Poems - I. Khentov

The Old Testament story of the great prophet Moses and the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity.

Moses was born at the time when Pharaoh ordered the killing of all newborn boys of Jewish origin. To save him, the mother put the baby in a reed basket and sent it down the Nile.

The child was found by the daughter of Pharaoh, who adopted him and raised him next to Ramses, the future pharaoh. Many years later, after becoming a man, Moses flees from Egypt, and then returns there at the behest of the Lord, in order to save his people from the bondage of slavery ...

The image of Moses - the key figure of the three world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) - was widely reflected in painting, literature, musical and theatrical art. The musical comedy theater first addresses the biblical theme and reveals the image of Moses (man, hero and prophet) from birth to Exodus. The authors tried not to deviate from the chronology of the events set forth in the Torah, but, given the peculiarity of the genre, they still added the lyrical line of love of a Jewish girl and an Egyptian warrior.

The colorful costumes and scenery, the play of leading theater artists, bright music performed by a symphony orchestra and a rock band will help the viewer to plunge into the atmosphere of events that formed the basis of relations between religions and cultures.

The rock opera "Moses" glorifies the greatness of the titanic biblical figure - the guide of humanity!

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