My Beautiful ... (Sylvia)

25 October 2018, Thu. 19:00
from 1.36 EUR
from 1.36 EUR

About event

Why should I go to the play "My Beautiful ... (Sylvia)"?

1. The viewer will be interested to know that Sylvia is not a woman at all, or ... not exactly a woman.
2. The play once again reminds us how spiritually the master and his pet sometimes come together.
3. Exciting game of talented actors will leave indelible impressions: will not be indifferent.

The Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater invites to the play "My Fair ... (Sylvia)". The setting is distinguished by an extraordinary plot and unexpected characters: come and see.

Throughout the performance, you will follow the development of the relationship of the man and ... the dog he found in the park and brought home. Over time, a man's best friend becomes the best friend for his master - faithful and devoted. The name of the dog - Sylvia - is translated as a "forest nymph". And the owner already perceives it ... as a woman. Directing and musical decision - Alexey Lisovets. Waiting for you!

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