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30 July 2021, Fri. 20:00
CEC Parkovy Kyiv, Parkova rd. 16a
from 16.70 EUR
from 16.70 EUR


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About event

Monthly in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2021-07-30 в 20:00 on the CEC Parkovy, Kyiv.
Buy Monthly tickets at Concert.ua online or with delivery.

Get ready to Ignite! Exclusive show MONATIK “Made With Love And Rhythm” in Kiev!

The brightest, dance and fiery show program of the summer - MONATIK “Made With Love And Rhythm” Show will take place on July 30 at the stunning observation deck of the capital of the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center in the Open Air format - in the open air.

On July 30 at 20:00 at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center a unique and special music and dance event will take place - the show “Made With Love And Rhythm”, the author of your favorite hits, creator and innovator of modern pop music MONATIK. The atmosphere of a live concert, performance, vitamin D, and the long-awaited happiness from meeting with your beloved artist, from whom absolutely everything is crazy, will reign in the open air. The evening will shine brightly both to the greatest hits of the artist and to the rhythms of loud premieres.

The main hitmaker of our time, MONATIK, is definitely not popular. He is the most nominated and titled artist of music awards, his hits are the absolute leaders of streaming platforms and all kinds of music resources and radio charts. Each of his compositions makes a revolution in the world of show business. It is MONATIK who is the first Ukrainian pop artist who conquered the NSC Olimpiyskiy, the creator of a music corporation, an innovator who determines where modern pop music is heading.

The MONATIK concert show “Made With Love And Rhythm” is a memorable event for the whole family, which will be held in compliance with all quarantine rules and regulations, so that every guest can safely enjoy the show and catch the correct RHYTHM.

The stage production of live-performance MONATIK, dance performances, the highest level of unique, modern studio sound sound, so the concert really promises to be remembered for a long time and will leave the most vivid impressions in memories.

The organizer of the show is the VIRUS Music company, which everyone knows well from the big solo concerts MONATIK "Sounds" in the Stereo Plaza, "Vitamin D" in the Palace of Sports and "Love It Rhythm" at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. Also on account of the "viruses" are the big dance festivals Sensation, Global Gathering, Godskitchen, shows by Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Boombox, RHYE, Bob Moses and many others.

If you have never been to a MONATIK live performance, then this urgently needs to be corrected, and if you are a fan of creativity - you know what to do! See you in the open air on July 30 at 20:00 at the observation deck of the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center.


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