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"On the ART Therapy tour, my team and I will do everything to ensure that the music fulfills its mission 100% - to sew up the soul!"

MONATIK continues the all-Ukrainian tour "ART Therapy":

We continue to help children and families from de-occupied and front-line territories.

We continue collecting funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians suffering from the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Thanks to our soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and strong and indomitable Ukrainians, the artist will meet his fans in our native, beautiful, strong cities of Ukraine. For more than a year, the artist has been giving not only charity concerts, thanks to which it was possible to collect more than 600,000 euros for the needs of the Armed Forces and volunteers, and also constantly performs on the front-line territories for our military, doctors, education workers, DTEK and those who defend our country every day on all fronts.

During each of the concerts, charity auctions and various special activities aimed at raising funds for Ukrainians will be held in collaboration with partners Nashe Radio, MUZVAR and Music TV Channel M1.

In addition to extremely important fundraising for Ukrainians, one of the tasks of the tour for MONATIK is musical art therapy (recall that the artist is an ambassador of the All-Ukrainian mental health program "How are you?", which was initiated by the First Lady of Ukraine). Together with his team, the musician prepares many surprises for new compositions that have become hits; performances by special guest artists-friends, as well as performances of "repaired" (repaired) legendary hits of the artist, which are so loved by millions of Ukrainians.

The MONATIK "ART Therapy" tour is supported by the Center for Moral and Psychological Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is why the artist personally invites to each of the concerts hero soldiers who are on rotation between battles for our territories, as well as families of prisoners of war and our volunteers.

The big MONATIK stadium shows that were announced before the full-scale invasion will definitely take place after the victory and all tickets purchased for them will be valid.

"To all the people who come to concerts and become part of ART Therapy - thank you very much, you are incredible!


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