5 June 2021, Sat. 20:00
Stadium Metalist Kharkov, vulytsya Plekhanivsʹka, 65
from 16.63 EUR
from 16.63 EUR
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MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #1 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_549
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #2 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_216
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #3 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_846
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #4 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_270
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #5 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_154
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #6 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_685
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv - photo #7 monatik-kharkiv_stadion-metallist_050620202000_846

About event

Concert MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Kharkiv is rescheduled for 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

New date: 5 june 2021.

All ticketsare valid on a new date.

Organizer VIRUS Music:

FROM the organizers


Like the whole world, we are now experiencing an unprecedented situation with COVID-19 pandemic. Staying on the quarantine, we look forward to our meetings, which will be remembered forever. But the main thing now is health.

Together with the artist and his team, we made a very difficult decision for all of us to postpone the MONATIK show in the Dnieper, Odessa and Kharkov to May-June 2021. This year we and the artist will spend in the careful study of the new, exciting, large-scale show "Made With Love And Rhythm"! Costumes, musical productions, a program full of your favorite hits and completely new compositions! Please treat the situation with understanding and save your ticket. It will be valid on a new date.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon!

MONATIK returning to Kharkiv with a big show at the Metalist stadium.

A full house at the largest stadium in the country (the capital NSC Olimpiysky), a stadium tour of Ukraine, a tour of Western Europe and North America ... 2019 can be called the year, without exaggeration of the genius of our time - the year MONATIK! More than 15,000 people still have fresh memories of the unique emotions and impressions of the MONATIK show in Kharkov this summer at the Metalist stadium. And I want to live again, I want more!

MONATIK's performances are striking every time with a new highly professional choreography, sophisticated bright, thoughtful to the smallest detail, numbers and amazing costumes, special effects and dizzying show moments. But most importantly - the whole stadium sang in unison, danced in a single rhythm and exploded with emotions that will be remembered for years! These moments I want to live again and again. So that clings deeply and every time! And you have such a chance ...

MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW in Kharkiv are scenes from the songs of all albums that come to life on the stage, which are simultaneously intertwined and self-contained. These are the hits that people sing, as their own hymns of life and happiness. This is the magic of a live performance that cannot be felt in recordings or through clips, it is the unity of tens of thousands of people with open hearts, in one rhythm, with great love.


Come with your whole family, with your loved ones, or with friends, colleagues, or in company with yourself. You will find in this show made with love, something personal that inspires and inspires, sews up your soul and makes you dizzy.

How to choose a category of tickets? A few tips:

  • If you go with children, choose tickets to the sectors. Children under 6 years old admission is free.
  • "What happened first: music or dancing"? If you choose dancing, then you are in the fan zone. The closer to the stage, the more drive. The choice is yours: FAN-1 or FAN-2.
  • Tickets are getting more expensive as the concert date approaches. Therefore, the sooner you take, the more profitable.
  • In sectors will people sit the whole concert? Very unlikely. At MONATIK concerts, people cannot help dancing. Choose places available. The farther from the center of the stage, the more accessible the tickets. But the atmosphere is not getting worse. The later you choose the place, the less choice.

It is also important to know:

  • Admission with children under 6 years is free only in the sector and without providing a separate place.
  • Entrance to the fan zone is recommended for children from 12 years old and accompanied by adults.
  • The show starts at 20:30. Doors open at 18:00. Come to the stadium at least 1.5 hours before the start.


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