17 July 2021, Sat. 20:00
Chernomorets Stadium Odesa, st. Marazlievskaya, 1
from 16.63 EUR
from 16.63 EUR
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MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #1 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_844
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #2 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_424
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #3 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_799
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #4 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_654
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #5 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_850
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #6 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_739
MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM in Odesa - photo #7 monatik-odesa-20-06_stadion-chernomorec_200620202000_666

About event

The MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM concert in Odesa is rescheduled for 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

New date: July 17, 2021.

All ticketsare valid on a new date.

Organizer VIRUS Music:

FROM the organizers

Dear friends,

like the rest of the world, we are now experiencing an unprecedented situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. While in quarantine, we look forward to our meetings, which will be remembered forever. But the main thing now is health.

Together with the artist and his team, we made a very difficult decision for all of us to postpone the MONATIK show in Dnipro, Odessa and Kharkiv to May-June 2021. This year, the artist and I will carefully work out a new, exciting, large-scale show "Made With Love And Rhythm"! Costumes, musical staging, a program full of your favorite hits and brand new songs! Please treat the situation with understanding and save your ticket. It will be valid for a new date. Additional information will be provided along with the announcement of new dates we are working on - it will be sent by email to buyers Also subscribe to our page so you don't miss the news. We will publish them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon!

Why go to the MONATIK concert in Odesa?

1. The new MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW of a genius artist will give maximum positivity and fill with vital energy.
2. When the whole stadium sings and dances to your favorite hits, emotions run high, and it's worth experiencing!
3. The scale and comfort of the modern stadium "Chernomorets", multiplied by the charisma of a bright artist - the key to a better evening of the year.

Super popular MONATIK with a powerful concert in Odesa

On July 17, 2021, the mega-talented and explosive MONATIK will perform at the Chornomorets Stadium in Odesa. Most recently, the powerful LOVE IT Rhythm show shook the Odessa stadium "Spartak". Now all Odessa residents and guests of the city will face an even more powerful and large-scale event at the state-of-the-art Chornomorets arena. More comfortable places in the sectors and the fan zone, more cool impressions and positivity!

MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW: catch even more vivid impressions

Behind the shoulders of the artist - a grand show at the NSC "Olympic" in 2019 and 10 stadium concerts throughout Ukraine. And now the whole of Odessa is waiting for a new MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW! Does anyone doubt the full house? Barely!

We will sing together our favorite hits "Every Time", "Sews the soul", "Strongly", Vitamin D, "Circling", "Wet" and dance to energetic tracks, living the best moments of life ...

MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM SHOW is a composition that comes to life on the stage, it is thousands of hearts beating in unison, it is an incredible magic of live communication with an idol.

Tickets for the MONATIK concert in Odesa

MONATIK concert is always a holiday for body and soul. Invite loved ones, friends and just come for cool emotions!

How to choose a ticket category? Some tips:

  • If you go with children, choose tickets to the sectors. Admission is free for children under 6 years old.
  • "What came first: music or dance? If you choose to dance, then you are in the fan zone. The closer to the stage, the more drive. The choice is yours: FAN-1 or FAN-2.
  • Tickets are getting more expensive as the concert date approaches. Therefore, the earlier you take, the more profitable.
  • Will people sit in the sectors throughout the concert? Very unlikely. At MONATIK concerts, people can't refrain from dancing. Choose available places. The farther from the center of the stage, the more tickets are available. But the atmosphere does not get worse. The later you choose a place, the less choice.

It is also important to know:

  • Admission with children under 6 is free only in the sector and without a separate place.
  • Entrance to the fan zone is recommended for children from 12 years and accompanied by adults.
  • The show starts at 20:30. Doors open at 18:00. Come to the stadium at least 1.5 hours before the start.


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