9 March 2020, Mon. 19:00
from 15.00 EUR
from 15.00 EUR
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About event

MONATIK in Odesa! On March 09, 2020, on the stage of the Odesa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy, a grand concert of a singer, musician, dancer and just a favorite of the public MONATIK will take place!

Why go to the MONATIK concert?

1. He is a winner in the nominations "Best Performer", "Best Clip", "Hit of the Year" and "Best Concert Show" of prestigious awards of Ukraine and the CIS countries.
2. Light dance rhythms and soulful lyrics of his songs will not leave you indifferent!
3. Live to enjoy the talent of a multi-artist, whose original reading of famous hits in “Voice Kids”, led his little ward to victory, and thereby won the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Undeniable popularity

MONATIK has repeatedly been called by critics "the creator of a new era of pop music" and even the "trendsetter of dance music." The popularity of his hits is not at all surprising! It is worth attending the show of this multi-artist, to never again wonder “is it worth going?”, And to love him once and for all with all his heart!

Music and dance therapy

The light rhythms of the MONATIK hits, from which the body seems to come to life and dance, raise the mood, make the heart beat faster, fill with joy. The lyrics of his songs are sincere, and the feelings described in them are clear to everyone without exception. Branded music therapy was received by fans of the artist not only in Ukraine, but also in many other countries: Germany, Spain, France, Kazakhstan and even the USA, where "SOLD OUT" appeared on the posters long before the concert!

Come to the concert of the phenomenon of Ukrainian pop music! Come get a serving of music and dance therapy from MONATIK! Make a great gift for yourself and your loved ones for the holiday of March 8. After all, spring is the time to recharge with positive energy, the energy of love, the energy of dance!

Tickets can be purchased at concert.ua!