The sea ... The night ... The candles ...

28 October 2018, Sun. 15:00
from 6.36 EUR
from 6.36 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play "The Sea ... Night ... Candles ..."?

1. History of the fundamental laws of the universe.
2. If you want to see not a lightweight entertaining comedy, but a deep, psychological spectacle.
3. Understand your raging sea.

When does a person go to meet temptations? When he parted with eternal categories. Then his sea becomes restless, and to restrain on its waves is akin to circus balancing.

Noah Greenwald has dragged into his abyss life in a big city. How to resist so many surrounding temptations? And can you change your past to dive headlong into this great and raging sea of ​​life? A tragic discord, when one has to choose between passion and duty, self-will and law, is familiar to many. And to combat the waves of the elements, one must eradicate one's cowardice, fears and pride.

Is it easy? Not at all. The staging is different in that it contains a conversation about the main thing, but without the only correct answers and moralizing. The play was staged on the play "This Great Sea" by Israeli playwright Yosef Bar-Yosef. His work was published in 2001, and in two years the premiere took place at the Theater on the Left Bank (Eduard Mitnitsky's production). The performance is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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