MOTANKA with acoustic program

23 October 2020, Fri. 19:30
ГаРмИдЕр ангар-stage Lutsk, вул. Залізнична, 9
from 7.33 EUR
from 7.33 EUR
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MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk - photo #1 motanka-z-akustichnoyu-programoyu_garmider-angar-stage_110420201930_769
MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk - photo #2 motanka-z-akustichnoyu-programoyu_garmider-angar-stage_110420201930_161
MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk - photo #3 motanka-z-akustichnoyu-programoyu_garmider-angar-stage_110420201930_916
MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk - photo #4 motanka-z-akustichnoyu-programoyu_garmider-angar-stage_110420201930_884
MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk - photo #5 motanka-z-akustichnoyu-programoyu_garmider-angar-stage_110420201930_756

About event

MOTANKA with acoustic program in Lutsk! We are waiting for you on April 11, at 7:30 p.m. at the ГаРмИдЕр ангар-stage.

Why go to the MOTANKA with acoustic program show in Lutsk?

1. To hear live one of the best new bands of Ukraine.
2. Listen to the acoustic version of the band's debut album, released on Napalm Records, and new acoustic-only songs.
3. To see and hear ethnic percussion and wind instruments combined with insightful vocals.

Winners of the WACKEN Open Air 2018 World Metal Battles, Napalm Records Signers, MOTUMKA BUMA 2019 Winners will play an acoustic concert in Lutsk on April 11.

Founded in 2015 in Lutsk, the band has been able to play at well-known European festivals for three years and attract the attention of top media from around the world. In 2018, MOTANKA won second place in the metal battleship as part of the world's largest WACKEN Open Air Metal Festival! MOTANKA play mystical metal in the genre, using modern electronics and ancient Ukrainian instruments such as ocarina, cymbals and throat singing.

The acoustic program has already managed to conquer the fans of Ukraine, Poland and Germany, the group has sold more than 10,000 acoustic discs in these countries. Space travel is waiting for anyone who attends these concerts, this is music that is different from the usual sound of the band, it is light, hypnotic and romantic music.