My former Queen

22 January 2019, Tue. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 3.03 EUR
from 3.03 EUR


My former Queen in Odesa - photo #1 Моя колишня Королева в Одесі
My former Queen in Odesa - photo #2 Моя колишня Королева в Одесі афіша

About event

Why go to the play "My ex-Queen"?

1. Author's performances, live music and a huge dose of humor.
2. The ability to easily and naturally spend time. Get to know yourself and make fun of problems that we don’t even notice behind the bustle of our lives.
3. Emotional lift and good mood are guaranteed.

Life observations, unexpected twists and virtuoso playing-ups from actors of the theater “Divnyi lyudi” Artem Novikov, Yuri Gromovoy (Mamahokhotala-show) and Vitaly Serditova in the male comedy “My ex - Queen or excuses for women”.

There is an opinion that if two men talk, then they, of course, discuss matters, and if two women chatter about something with enthusiasm - they are gossiping for sure, but this is not quite so!

We all, both men and women, have some misconceptions about each other. It is believed that women love to chat, but only many men in this regard are not inferior. The men were talkers initially. After all, it was not for nothing that various clubs were very common in the old days, where only men went to smoke a pipe and discuss all the urgent problems. Between us ... we know these painful problems!

So, we continue the theme of men's comedies about relationships with the beautiful half of humanity, discuss all the weak and strong sides of the EM and Jo relationships. After all, each sex needs to know its strengths ... in order to be able to laugh at its weaknesses! And to laugh, we love it!

For example, you will learn why magazines do not write articles about how to satisfy a man. How, quite unexpectedly for yourself, men fall under a heel, and also you get a master class on how to hold a defense for all occasions and much more ...

And as always, in the best traditions of the theater, the play will feature lively author music. If you are young at heart, merry and it is interesting for you to discover something new for yourself, then we are waiting for you at the performances of the Kiev Theater “Wonderful People”!

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