25 April 2020, Sat. 21:00
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from 3.33 EUR
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Mrid in Odesa - photo #1 MriD в Одесі
Mrid in Odesa - photo #2 MriD в Одесі афіша
Mrid in Odesa - photo #3 MriD в Одесі квитки

About event

MriD is a talented singer whose real name is Arkady Aloyan.

Each of his new compositions is very warmly received by fans of the artist. Receiving a higher economic education, the future singer studied music as a hobby. Seriously, a young and charming artist begins to engage in a musical career in 2011. Records new tracks, improves, grows as a musician and artist.

Since 2018, the popularity of a modern musician began to grow rapidly. His hits “Black Rose”, “Move Your Body” gained a huge amount of views on the Internet, increasing the number of fans of the talented singer. Recently, the famous artist released an album called "Genesis", which was warmly received by fans of Arkady.

The hardworking musician devotes a lot of time to creating remixes and arranging. He collaborates with many famous stars, records collaborative tracks or creates music for them. Arkady Aloyan participates in various television projects in Russia and the CIS. For example, the charming MriD took part in the Armenian show, where artists fought for the title of best DJ. The work of Arkady was very highly appreciated by the jury. On the singer’s website you can find more information about the creative activities of MriD, the most popular hits and projects under development.

The emotions presented by the audience from the artist’s performance will remain in their memory for a long time!