Dreams come to life

8 September 2019, Sun. 18:00
Kiev Drama Theater in Podil Kyiv, Andreevsky Descent, 20-B
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from 1.67 EUR
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About event

The melodramatic story about the search for love, proposed by Ivan Vyrypayev, illustrates the modern model of relationships.

Today, when knowledge of everything is available to us, people acquire it without personal experience, existing in dry theories, inability to hear near and inner devastation, because cocaine, alcohol and soulless reflections on Buddhist emptiness do not give the heroes of that content and happiness that everyone is so passionate are waiting. They wait, but do nothing in order to give this happiness to those who are close to them.

The protagonist David after the death of his wife can not let her go and continue to live on. Often he talks to her and refuses to believe what happened ... Being in the shackles of his affection, she leads him to the idea that all his sufferings are caused by the fact that he never really loved her, which is why he is unhappy, because “Happiness is work that by all means, we need to do well.”

The stage space in which the heroes are located reminds us of a large or a shower stall, or a mental hospital. Will they be able to cleanse themselves of their sufferings and start working for their happiness?