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MRPL City 2021

06 - 08 August 2021 16:00
from 28.65 EUR
from 28.65 EUR


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About event

MRPL City 2021 in Mariupol! From 6 to 8 August on the beach "Pishchanka" in Mariupol will be a big festival MRPL City 2021.

Why should you go to the MRPL City 2021 festival in Mariupol?

  1. Feel the positive vibe among friends.
  2. Dance non-stop under passionate tracks.
  3. Enjoy a quality holiday and get an unforgettable experience of the event.

Loud festival MRPL City 2021 in Mariupol

Come to Pishchanka beach on August 6-8 to take part in a cool event - the fourth MRPL City Festival! The coolest festival on the east coast is waiting for you, don't miss it.

Tickets are already on sale.

Cool music, sea and pleasant communication: do not miss the MRPL City Festival on the beach 'Pishchanka'

MRPL City 2021 is a star guest, quality sound, many new friends and, of course, a warm sea. In a wonderful friendly atmosphere, everyone will be able to enjoy great music and relax with a glass of your favorite cocktail.

The festival will be a real discovery for those who value freedom, a variety of recreation and vivid emotions. There will be even too much emotion, so hold on!

MRPL City 2021 - that's how summer sounds!

Where to buy tickets for the MRPL City 2021 festival in Mariupol?

Book tickets for the MRPL City 2021 festival right now on the Concert.ua website.


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