15 December 2020, Tue. 19:00
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from 33.30 EUR
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About event

MUMIY TROLL in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-12-15 в 19:00 on the International Exhibition Center, Kyiv.
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Mumiy Troll goes to Kiev with a large-scale concert program “Happy New Year, Baby!”

December 15 at the International Exhibition Center with the program "Happy New Year, Baby!" Mumiy Troll group of Far Eastern romantics will open the doors to the New Year and set a truly festive mood! It is symbolic that last December the song, which served as the name of the concert, turned 21, and the "adult" program turned out to be very special. And Mumiy Troll is pleased to announce the presentation of this exclusive show in Ukraine.

Preparation of the program "Happy New Year, Baby!" It began more than a year ago when the group was joined by an international team of video operators, stage designers, programmers, decorators and even architects who together set about creating a new concert reality for Mumiy Troll. Papa Chi supervised over all - that same rapper from the Riga group Fact, the friend of group "Mumiy Troll" and "the Bear" from a clip for a song with the same name. On huge moving screens, the audience of the Kiev concert was one of the first to see the real feats that the musicians ventured during the filming of the videos: from scuba diving to circus balancing act.

Ilya Lagutenko, soloist of the group Mumiy Troll: “For this concert we collected the most festive songs from all our albums and“ seasons ”, added“ seaside gifts ”and musical surprises. There will be mobile video installations, an invasion of aliens and exotic animals. The latter, of course, only in augmented reality. ”

The International Exhibition Center was not chosen by chance as a venue - a pavilion of several thousand square meters can host more than 10 thousand spectators, where everyone will find a place for songs and dances! Come to the concert with your loved ones and friends, families and noisy companies, because Mumiy Troll is the favorite song of fans of all ages that everyone knows by heart.

Program "Happy New Year, Baby!" - This is a completely new reality created with the help of computer graphics and large-scale decorations. It is important not only songs, but also the audience, who give a magical atmosphere to everything that happens. This concert of the Mumiy Troll will be unforgettable.

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