Music Avia Bike Ukraine 2018

12 - 14 July 2018 19:00
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR

About event

Why go to Music Avia Bike Ukraine 2018?

1. The favorite festival of Ukrainians is gaining momentum and is preparing for its friends super-entertainment in an international format.
2. Music Avia Bike Ukraine is a powerful association of fearless pilots, harsh bikers and the most popular rockers!
3. At the festival you do not just get a sea of ​​drive and positive, but also get acquainted with a huge number of interesting people from Ukraine and abroad.

From July 12 to July 14, the Avangard Stadium will host the long-awaited motorcycle music festival Music Avia Bike Ukraine 2018. A full reboot and even more drive, emotion and steep sound. It's impossible to miss!

This year, the event threatens to collect a record number of spectators. Everyone is waiting for a grandiose musical and entertainment program. Pilots with bikers will demolish the roof, conquering the sky and roads. Be sure: they will do it spectacularly and professionally. Well, what kind of biker does not like good soul music?

To come off to your favorite hits of rock bands is sacred! And so catch the list of participants this year: "GIERARSEN" (Uzhgorod), TEQUILA BAND (Uzhgorod), "Vatagha" (Uzhgorod), GUITAR FORCE (Poland), HEART BEAT BRASS BAND (Kharkov), (Kiev), GREEN GRAY (Kiev), KESH (Kiev), KOZAK SYSTEM (Kiev), "BROTHERS GADYUKINY" (Kiev), HEART BEAT BRASS BAND (Harkov town).

Impressive? Already mentally there? Then we'll see each other! And - try to sleep: at the festival you will need a lot of energy.

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