My wife’s husband

26 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
Zakarpattia Drama Theater Uzhgorod, vulytsya Lʹva Tolstoho, 12
from 5.67 EUR
from 5.67 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play "My Husband's Wife"?

1. Laugh from the heart.
2. See the brilliant game of your favorite actors.
3. To cheer yourself up for a week ahead!

Comedy performance "My Husband's Wife". An intriguing name, a galaxy of talented actors and a great mood - for you!

The production is based on the plot of Miro Gavran's play. "My wife's husband" is a truly bright comedy that gives a sea of positive and such a welcome relaxation. It all starts with the fact that the man, inspired by his soon meeting with his beloved woman, prepares a delicious dinner.

But instead of her on the threshold steps absolutely unknown person, introduced a relative of that same favorite. But nobody knew about his existence ... and who is he? He is the Husband of Your Wife! Director: Honored Artist of Ukraine Valery Astakhov. The roles are performed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Olesya Zhurakovskaya, People's Artist of Ukraine Vladimir Goryansky, Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmitry Lalenkov.

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