26 May 2019, Sun. 19:30
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

About event

Why go to the concert "Music of Light: 7 Rays"?

1. Premiere of a new project
2. This is not just a musical concert, it is a journey into the depths of oneself, a dialogue with one's I, meditation and rethinking.
3. Vocal improvisation and unique sounding voice of the singer will lead self-knowledge into cosmic spaces.

The premiere of the new project “Music of Light” with the program “7 Rays” will be held as part of the creative project “ARTSPACE” under the Star Dome of the Kiev Planetarium.

The concert uses instruments that came from the depths of the centuries and have long served people during spiritual practices and rituals:

Gongs - purify the body, mind, soul and fill with universal life energy;

Crystal bowls naturally harmonize space and energy. Created from the earth of quartz mined from the depths of the earth, they sound like the planet itself, at its natural frequency;

The Pythagorean monochord (monoline) is the forefather of all modern stringed instruments. It was believed that the music of this instrument is necessary for healing the body and is able to help unravel any mystery;

Mystical flutes: the Armenian duduk, bansuri, pimak - will give the body the wonderful gift of complete relaxation, and the soul - a comprehensive feeling of merging with the Universe.

Indian shrutti, Koshi bells, magic tambourine, chakrofony, xylophone will help to plunge into the world of harmony and peace.

Vocal improvisation and uniquely sounding voice of the singer will lead self-knowledge into the cosmic spaces.

These archaic musical instruments act in a special way on the body and transmit the vibrations of the 7-rays:

The 1st ray is blue, it sounds like a doe and gives fire.
The 2nd ray is golden yellow, sounds like a Re note and gives rise to unity.
The 3rd ray is pink, it is the note of Mi, it brings Mercy.
The 4th ray is shining white, the note of the Fa identifies with itself the “I Am” philosophy.
The 5th ray is emerald green, its note is Sal, and its purpose is to heal with the Light combined.
The 6th ray is a purplish gold, in tune with the note A. His mission is to show Love.
The 7th ray is violet, it appears as a note of C and gives the Truth of Light.

Play on the Seven Rays:

Luchiya (Oksana Kirpa) - sound therapist and master of gongs, crystal bowls, singer (mantropenie). Pupil of Grand Master Don Conroe (USA)
Alex Duduk (Alexey Korchagin) - master of archaic wind instruments (armenian duduk, turkish neu, indian bansuri, north american pimak, irish whistle, bulgarian caval, altai vargan)

We are waiting for a meeting with the Music of Light, which leads us into outer space to the origins of the Soul.

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