30 September 2018, Sun. 19:00
!FESTRepublic Lviv, Staroseneskaya st., 24-26
from 8.65 EUR
from 8.65 EUR
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About event

Why should we go to a concert of the band WE?

1. To visit the live performance of the bright representatives of modern indie pop.
2. Hear atmospheric work of the group.
3. One of the first to hear future hits from the new album

Beauty - Youth - WE! Its place in the logical series of the group was not without reason. Participants in the duo manage to remain an embodiment of both attractive and disastrous force.

The history of the band began with a chance meeting between Dani and Eva on the Internet, thanks to which their voices were connected and embodied in a successful musical project.

A talented duo will present a continuation of a great musical history - a new record!

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