We will learn to bake pies

17 February 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR
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"We will learn to bake pies" - a jazz style melodrama.

How sometimes it is difficult for us to give up the world of our illusions, dreams and start building a real life. Can a person become really happy with a “tit” in his hands, or will he remain restless with her all the time looking into the sky waiting for his “crane”? Will the young guys who want to learn how to be happy stand the test of “real life”?

Where will they take power when to destroy their “castles in the air” will come unrequited love, betrayal, death?

But in the end, no matter what happens, they can always turn on jazz, brew their favorite tea, bake pies and invite a close friend, or at least think about it, remember it ... and be happy no matter what! And, perhaps, suddenly, a bell rings at the door, and he ... that same "crane from the sky" will fly into the apartment and say, "Well, hello, my baby ...".

The play of the Petersburg playwright Olga Zverlina for the first time has her stage life on the stage of the NUT.