Mystery Play. Fight club

20 April 2019, Sat. 16:00
from 12.09 EUR
from 12.09 EUR

About event

From passive viewing to active participation. Based on the movie "Fight Club".

What awaits you?

1. Stylized location under the entourage of the film in 3000 square meters. A bar, a kitchen, a cinema, and a make-up area for players will work in the game zone. For the first time, several 3D projections are involved in the game, which are created by one of the best 3D mapping companies in the world, Magic Innovations.

2. More than 20 actors who are immersed in the atmosphere of the legendary film. You no longer watch the actors play on stage, the game takes place around you. The line between reality and game is being erased. Sometimes it is not clear - this is an actor or one of the participants.

3. Quest elements hold the attention of the participants throughout the game. Before the player, the dilemma unfolds which side he chooses: a supporter of extremist anti-globalists, people from the Fight Club, or supporters of the existing order. The ideas of extremists are very tempting and romantic, but are you ready to sacrifice thousands of innocent destinies for their sake? This is one of the psychological dilemmas of the film: in order for a new one to be born, you must sacrifice the old, you must give up and stop changing what you just need to destroy and build a new one in its place.

4. Many photo zones where you can make funny selfies for your archive.

5. Grim. Participants will have the opportunity to make an easy make-up of beatings right at the locations from make-up artists Make Up Me Academy.

6. Cinema and afterparty. After the game, you can continue the evening in the area of the cinema and bar, where the film will be broadcast.

The duration of the game is 2 hours.
The optimal number of participants in a team is 6.

As for clothing, the organizers recommend using one of four images: Freak Pitt, Norton Costume, Fighter Black, Marla. Each image is suitable for both men and women. Also you can come in your image. We recommend not to wear short dresses and high heels.

IMPORTANT! The organizers do not recommend to take part in the game for people with heart disease, patients with epilepsy, pregnant women and children under 14 years old.

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