7 December 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 13.64 EUR
from 13.64 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a concert of the band "Nancy"?

1. The idols of millions will bring a bright program and will conquer more than one thousand women's hearts.
2. You can perform your favorite "Smoke cigarettes with menthol", "Dream Girl" together with amazing musicians.
3. At such concerts, as nowhere else, you are convinced that youth is in the soul!

Recognizable vocals, favorite tunes and unique style! December 7 at the Sports Palace - a cult pop group "Nancy" with a grandiose program!

Novelties and major hits - only this evening for the most devoted fans! The symbol of the era, the most popular "Nancy", not only did not lose their admirers: they repeatedly multiplied the army of dedicated fans. Strengthening their glory year after year, musicians surprise with creative activity. "Nancy" pleases, intrigues, gives cheerful and sad emotions. Each concert becomes for the public a long-awaited holiday, crazy with rich feelings - sincere and deep.

All the songs of "Nancy" write themselves. And it's not a secret that any composition in the corporate "menthol" style is simply doomed to success. The music of the collective is always in demand. And the main reason for this is full stylistic freedom: "Nancy" combines in their songs rock, chanson, pop music. And inspiration for lyrical texts is derived from their own lives.

That's why often, listening to another hit, we remember how "something like this" happened to us, our friends or acquaintances. Waiting for everybody!