4 December 2018, Tue. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR
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Why go to the Nancy band concert?

1. GROUP "NANCY" - 25!!!
2. Great anniversary concert of the legendary band!
3. From "Smoke of Menthol Cigarettes" to the NENSiMAN Super Show!!!

A new fantastic super-spectacular show in the framework of the anniversary tour of the group "Nancy" - 25!!!

The newest and popularly favorite hits are: “Menthol cigarette smoke”, “Clean sheet”, “In a luxury hotel”, “Black Cadillac”, “Oh, fog, fog,” “How I loved you” and many others! Bright and heartfelt voices of soloists! Many unexpected surprises! Ocean of positive emotions! The atmosphere of this musical holiday!

For you, NANCY - pop group number 1 - will play in its corporate style, give warmth and its own "menthol music" adored by millions! Meet the fantastic and super-spectacular show GROUP "Nancy" - 25 in your city!!!

On the official YouTube channel NensiTV more than 70 million clips and videos! The time has come to see the idols live, to congratulate them on their jubilee!!!

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