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Nani Bregvadze

9 December 2019, Mon. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR


About event

Nani Bregvadze - Georgian singer, pianist, teacher. People's Artist of the USSR. The incomparable voice - mezzo-soprano, which penetrates the heart - is a hallmark of the legendary singer.

However, the incomparable Nani is called not only for her unique voice, inexhaustible energy and unique charisma. Even her name is unique, because it was not in Georgia until its birth in the distant 1936. He was invented by the father of the singer, most likely by modifying the name of Nina, as the artist herself recalls.

Nani has been singing on the big stage since 1956 - it was then that she made her debut in the amateur pop orchestra of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute, and in 1957 Leonid Utesov himself noted her talent. Hearing Bregvadze singing at the world festival of youth and students, he said: "With this girl, if she continues to sing, she will make a good singer." Geniuses are not mistaken, Nani Bregvadze - not just a “good singer” - is a legend, for many years pleases fans with elegant, unsurpassed vocals.

The song "Snowfall" sounds not the first decade. But, as before, this insightful romance is loved and associated with this singer. He became the hallmark of the artist, although in the repertoire of Nani Georgievna there are more than a dozen No less insightful and beautiful songs and romances. Among her iconic compositions are “Song of Tbilisi” (“Tbilisi”), “Ah, this red mountain ash”, “Wicket”, “I remember the waltz is lovely sound”, “And finally I will say”, “Prayer”, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” and others. She performs songs on poems by Pushkin, Akhmadulina, Georgian. Over the decades, hundreds of songs have been performed by Nani Bregvadze and each of them has become special, unsurpassed, loved by the audience.

Concerts Nani Bregvadze always sink into the hearts of the audience. This time, the singer will perform with a large symphony orchestra under the direction of conductor Nikoloz Rachveli, head of the State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia. Widely and deeply sounds not only Nani's vocals but also music, immerses the listener in the world of Georgian song, romance, gives a vivid impression. The performances of Nani Bregvadze always collect full houses, because she not only gives her creativity to the audience, but also personifies a piece of warm hospitable Tbilisi, which is always wide open for people with a delicate taste and a warm heart.