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Napoleon and Josephine II

16 October 2022, Sun. 18:00
from 7.51 EUR
from 7.51 EUR
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Napoleon and Josephine II in Odesa! Don`t miss 2022-10-16 в 18:00 on the Odessa Regional Drama Theater, Odesa.
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1. Plunge into the love story, where the main character is the great commander.
2. Laugh at the vicissitudes of fate.
3. Make sure that a truly strong love can conquer everything and conquer the world more successfully than Napoleon's armies!

Few people do not know that Napoleon had a beloved Josephine de Beauharnais. However, as it turned out, there was a second Josephine in the life of the great French emperor! Yes Yes!

And let historians diligently keep silent about this amazing fact, but the theater does not intend to hide this. This evening you will find a story about the many juicy and funny details of the difficult relationship between Napoleon and the charming Corsican Josephine Pontiou, who suddenly appeared on the island of St. Helena, the place of the last refuge of the overthrown Bonaparte.

You can see for yourself that a real Corsican is practically the same Odessa. After all, only Corsicans and Odessans are capable of so deftly and swiftly putting everyone and everything around them on the ears. You can simultaneously bring down the arrogance of the English governor, and force the French generals to guard carrot beds, catch mice and milk goats. And besides that, to teach Napoleon Bonaparte himself to dance, sing and make faces. And that is not all. At the performance, you will be initiated into the secret of the birth of one of the most famous cognac brands in the world. This event is not to be missed!