Master-class of Natalia Holodenko Lessons of immodesty

28 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
Концерт холл Одесса Odessa, Haharinske Plateau, 5
from 16.96 EUR
from 16.96 EUR
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About event

Day of destruction of limiting modesty in which you:

1) gain confidence and strength in managing any life situation;

2) learn:
- speak first, demand more, desire inaccessible;
- cope with shyness and anxiety;
- always boldly and confidently declare themselves;

3) learn:
- how to profitably sell your skills and knowledge;
- how to cause admiration for the opposite sex;
- about the personal secrets of indiscretion Natalia Kholodenko;

4) reveal the true value and uniqueness;

5) find answers to questions about how to get more out of life;

6) find new and useful acquaintances;

7) leave your comfort zone and breathe the air of change.

After the master class, your actions will match your values!

The program of the master class:
- Immodesty - coquettish freedom! Feel it!
- Not smart and not beautiful... How to decide?
- How to be immodest, if it is far from the ideal?
- Immodesty in the environment! Why can not you be comfortable?
- To be indiscreet! Feel free to make yourself known!
- Immodesty and impudence? What is the difference?
- From modest opportunities to immodest results!
- You are worth and you are unique! Indiscreet or honest?
- You and your business! Who heard about them to admire?