Natalia Shevchenko. From idea to successful business

12 December 2018, Wed. 13:00
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from 10.61 EUR
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About event

Why go to the workshop of Natalia Shevchenko?

1. For those who dreams of starting their own business or are already engaged in entrepreneurial activity
2. Get tools for calculating the business idea and its financial attractiveness
3. Look at the financial details and scenarios

There is no man who would not think about starting his own business. Everyone dreams of a successful startup or business. But some are still dreamers, while others are not afraid to take a risk and begin to embody their ideas in life. This is not an easy way. It will meet dozens of obstacles and surprises. They can not be avoided, but to some extent, they can be prepared for them. How to realize your idea and make your business successful - learn at the seminar "From idea to successful business" by Natalia Shevchenko.

The workshop will be interesting for anyone planning to start their own business or are already engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

At the seminar you:
- learn how to translate dreams into reality;
- Get tools for calculating the business idea and its financial attractiveness;
- look at the financial details and scenarios;
- You will hear the melody of your success and development.

Let's talk more about our speaker. Natalia Shevchenko is a certified coach in the field of business and finance. Studied under the MBA Executive (University of Wales), received a certificate from the International Association of Accountants (IAB). 21 year in finance and accounting, 17 of them in management positions. Its responsibilities include: planning and budgeting, checking financial status, advising on accounting and taxation, optimizing the work of financial departments, supervising and advising in the processes of establishment and liquidation of enterprises.

Workshop program:

• The path from idea to incarnation
• What can help with hiring
• How to raise money to open a business
• Skills, abilities and qualities as personal capital
• Collecting the necessary information

• Financial plan and detailing
• Sales Plan (CPV-Analysis) and break-even point
• Cost and costs (fixed and variable)
• Cash flow and profit
• Financial attractiveness (EBITDA, ROI, PP, etc.)
• Predictable risks and options

• Financing opportunities and partnership
• Where and why to register: a company or a company
• Tax options: what to choose
• The most important of taxes and cash discipline
• What is accounting and reporting, and why need an accountant

• We plan strategies, actions and resources
• Organize the process and determine the criteria for success
• Motivate and inspire value
• Delegate and control
• Analyze and synchronize

December 12th