Do not leave me!..

19 December 2018, Wed. 19:00
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from 1.36 EUR
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Why should you go to the play "Do not leave me"?

1. See the strong drama of love about loss.
2. To see the brilliant game of original actors.
3. Awaken a lot of emotions.

Hester Koller is a young girl living in England. She has a job and a family. Hester is the artist and spouse of a respectable judge named William. But her measured, luxurious life turns upside down when she meets a former military man, the pilot Freddie Page.

From the very beginning, the girl knows that she will not be able to keep him. And it is waiting for the loss, which can not be avoided, which will bring pain. Feelings capture a young woman as if she is plunging into the deep blue sea ... But despite all the imperfections of the world, all the tests, Hester manages to maintain an amazing calm. Even when she decides to do terrible things ...

The performance is based on the work of the English classic Terence Rettigen. His play "The Deep Blue Sea" was released in 1952 and immediately became a real event. Earned several times, including in 1954 with Vivien Leigh in the title role. Hester plays Irina Mack on the stage in a subtle, sensible and authentic way.

The director of the drama is Igor Greenberg. The premiere took place in 2017. Duration - 125 minutes.