Nemnogo Nervno

2 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
Tyoplyi Lampovyi Kyiv, vulytsya Omelyanovicha-Pavlenko (Suvorova), 4/6
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR


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About event

Why is it worth to go to the concert of the band Nemnogo Nervno?

1. The founders of the direction of Dream Folk.
2. The words of their songs heal from depression and melancholy, and the music can touch even the most brutal person.
3. Unique sound of a flute, violin and metallophone.

Nemnogo Nervno is a dream-folk project, actively touring in eastern and western Europe.

For 10 years, the musicians published 10 records and became the favorites of several thousand fans of light folk music all over the world. They played for their listeners on BBC radio and at the world's largest street art festival, the Fringe, in Edinburgh. They gave concerts on board the icebreaker, in the burnt-out Lutheran church of the 18th century, in hundreds of different establishments from Siberia to Scotland. Were noted among the top 100 projects in the tribute "4000 years Aquarium." They sound on New York radio for expatriates and are regular guests in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Four is a good number. Seasons, ages of the human soul, the Beatles, denial, anger, bargaining, humility and "Dreams of the Earth." If you gather all the dreams in one place - what will they be? Sweet, like cotton candy before a circus trip on a Sunday? Sad as the eyes of a Bengal tiger jumping through a burning hoop at the flick of a whip? Light as a kiss of an equilibrist dancing on a string under the very dome? Light, like the smile of an elderly ticket holder, pulling you two tickets instead of one - because the shared joy only gets bigger?

We tried our best. We put together all the dreams. The best, rare, favorite - of all four chapters of the tetralogy “Dreams of the Earth”. Magic and wanderings - how we see them. Wonders and adventures - what they will come to you. For the first and last time in this universe. With new costumes, light and sound. With funny stories and sad songs. Children who have fallen from another planet. Concert program "All dreams of the Earth."

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